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nude ethics - daisies gingham x camille nichelini

Meet Camille Nichelini, one of my favourite bloggers - a stylist from LA. You may have been inspired by her interior style within her own home. Camille wears the ethical organic cotton embroidered t shirt from the Autumn Winter collection. This time she styles 'Daisies Gingham' organic long sleeve t shirt. See how she wears 'Moon Girl' here.

Living in LA, you seem to have summer all year round, how do you still manage to dress for different seasons?

"This is a tough one! It’s pretty much warm almost every day of the year so I don’t really get to enjoy fun fall or winter fashion trends like giant coats and thick sweaters unless I’m visiting home (San Francisco). For example today it’s mid November and I’m wearing a short sleeve tee and cropped jeans! I guess I would say layering is key out here :) But to really answer your question we stick to seasonal color palettes!"

How would you describe your style?

"My style is more on the simple side but I always love to have an accent or wow factor piece whether it be a fun graphic or cool shoe."

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