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The Natural Deodorant Co - My number one plastic free ethical deodorant - Nude Ethics Eco Blog
The Natural Deodorant Co - My number one plastic free ethical deodorant - Nude Ethics Eco Blog
the natural deodorant co - my number one

Why is this my number one? Well, as someone that is incredibly anxious, anxiety sweat is a real issue. I've always struggled to find a deodorant that actually works, even before I started converting to an ethical lifestyle. So this product shows that ethical can definitely be better. This plastic free deodorant from the 'The Natural Deodorant Co' is my favourite toiletry I own. It's amazing. I have the 'lemon & geranium' balm. You only need to use a little bit. I've had this pot for quite some time and it looks like I've barely used it. The only negative? It's pretty strong, so if you use too much it can create bumps, especially if you use it after shaving, if you choose to shave that is.

The Natural Deodorant Co close up - My number one plastic free ethical deodorant - Nude Ethics Eco Blog

plastic free safety razor and metal razor blades

If plastic pollution isn't something that concerns you enough to change from plastic razors to a sustainable razor, then maybe this sexy bamboo safety razor will. These razors should last you a lifetime. It's incredibly cost effective. These are of course unisex, even though safety razors have always been targeted towards men. I've only been able to find razor blades on male grooming sites, they obviously haven't caught on. Razor blades are very affordable and you don't need to change the blade very often. I chose to get a safety razor as I'm pretty heavy handed. You don't need to watch a video on 'how to use a safety razor', you just need to be gentle and apply no pressure. It does the work for you. 

Plastic Free Safety Razor & Metal Razor Blades - Nude Ethis Eco Blog
Plastic Free Bamboo Safety Razor & Metal Razor Blades - Nude Ethis Eco Blog
Soap Bars - Shampoo, Body & Face - Naural Wisdom - Nude Ethics Eco Blog
plastic free bamboo toothbrush


The first step most people take to reduce plastic is to buy an alternative toothbrush. Bamboo is a clear alternative, you just have to make sure that the bamboo used is ethical. Don't forget about the poor pandas. These 'Georganics' brushes are made from the part of the bamboo that pandas don't eat. I don't find it particularly exciting spending too much money on a toothbrush, so I've gone for these as I like the look of them. They look cute in my bathroom. These are also delivered plastic free. I'd recommend getting a bamboo toothbrush with medium bristles. 

soap bars - shampoo, body and face

You may have heard about soap bars coming back as a not so new plastic free trend. My sister, who runs The Cornish Therapy Centre, bought me these. Well to be honest, she's the one that has helped me with all my ethical personal care products. These 'Natural Wisdom' bars are perfect. They smell so nice and they make your face, hair and body feel soft. The face bar removes all of your make up and the 'Solid Shampoo & Body Wash Bar', like normal shampoo, lathers up in your hair, making it easy to use. As you can see from the photo, I've been using these already.These are wrapped up in paper and re-used newspaper. "Vegan, cruelty free & biodegradable.100% natural. Plastic free & waste free." I'll be purchasing their 'Hair Conditioner & Shaving Cream Bar ' next.

Plastic Free Bamboo Toothbrush and Mouthwash Tablets - Eco Blog by Nude Ethics
Plastic Free peiods - Moon Cups - Eco Blog by Nude Ethics
plastic free periods - the moon cup


You probably didn't want to see my 'Moon Cup' today, but here it is. I was scared to use this at first, I resisted buying one for a long time, but now, I am so glad I have one. The first few times I used it I hated it, but once you get used to it, you won't look back. It's very easy to forget you're using it, you don't feel it. It's important to cut down on the amount of waste you create, but perhaps more important than that (dare I say it), you finally get to learn about a part of your body that you've never properly understood before. Don't feel weird about talking about your period. It's essential to your body, and actually, it's not that gross. So, I guess what I'm saying is, get over it and start using a moon cup.

eco face - rosehip oil


It's difficult to tackle all of the different oils you can use for your skin. There are so many different amazing things out there. Personally, I'm a big fan of Rosehip Oil. I struggle with eczema on my face (and well everywhere), and the one thing that I have found that helps is Organic Rosehip Oil. I don't use foundation very often anymore, which was a big step for me, and instead I apply this on my face and neck in the morning. It's helped with my skin confidence. This product isn't plastic free, but I find these little bottles pretty useful. This product has been described as "'nature's superfood for the skin', and I agree.

Eco Face - Organic Rosehip Oil - Nude Ethics Eco blog
Charcoal Face Mask & sukin products - Eco Blog by Nude Ethics
charcoal face mask


Last, but not least, I am a big fan of 'Sukin'. "Skincare that doesn't cost the earth". I own a lot of products from this brand. The 'Anti-Pollution Facial Masque' is my favourite product of theirs. I'm one of those lucky people that gets both dry skin and oily skin. Lucky me. Charcoal is great at balancing oils. As you can see, I love this product so much it's almost empty. They are affordable and they're easily accessible. "At Sukin, we say NO to ingredients and processes that cause harm to ourselves and the environment we live in." The only downside? The plastic packaging.

Love being ethical? Make sure you take a look at Nude Ethics Organic cotton clothing. Carbon Neutral, Plastic Free, Fair Wear and made with a Closed Loop Water system. It's waste free and as ethical as it gets.

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