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Ecological clothing store. Nude Ethics Illustrated range focuses on sustainable fashion by using organic cotton, fair trade production, renewable energy and a minimal carbon footprint.

But, you already knew that. So, here are some blog posts that you might not know about #ethical

nude ethics ethical and organic illustration and art print collection

You probably know the first steps to being plastic free, like using a metal straw, bringing your own bottle with you everywhere, keeping your own carrier bags in the car etc. 

Here's a few steps to being plastic free that you may not have thought of! Or if you're an ethical pro, you probably do know, and so feel free to feel smug about that.

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as seen by katerina georgio

The start of a new collection of ethical illustrative canvas designs. 

'Moon Girl' Organic Cotton tee meets LA style with Camille Nichelini. Quick read about Camille and her Seasonal style.

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