make your wardrobe last longer

by sophie curtis

Making your wardrobe more sustainable is as much about buying from ethical and second hand sources as it is looking after the pieces you own now. There are lots of eco friendly ways to make your pieces last longer and keep them looking brand new every time you pull them out from your wardrobe.

no.1 debobbler

These small but mighty devices will keep your knitwear looking bobble free and brand new no matter the quality. A debobbler will get rid of any sign of wear by removing that inevitable fabric build up and will make sure your knits are looking as fresh as the day you bought them. There are tons of options online, from cashmere combs to electric debobblers and with a big range in price as well. If you’re not willing to part with your cash, a metal razor will also do the trick. It’s the perfect activity to do whilst watching your next Netflix binge and the results are pretty satisfying too. 

no.2 good detergent

If you’re buying eco friendly clothes, it makes sense to wash them with eco friendly products too. Using a good quality eco friendly washing detergent will make a massive difference to your wardrobe. With the absence of nasty chemicals, your clothes will last longer and even feel softer. Ecover or Method are great options and mean your clothes will be in good hands when you load them into your machine. You’ll also be helping the planet by putting less harmful chemicals into our waste streams. A win win really.

no.3 steamer

We’ve all been guilty of chucking a top or two into the back of the wardrobe after a long day, only to be retrieved a few days later unwearable with, who’d of thought, mega creasage. A steamer will get rid of those annoying creases in a flash and will mean you’ll always be able to wear whatever top you want no matter how big the crease. Steaming also kills off lots of pesky germs which means you won’t have to wash your garms as often, a big win for those who hate putting a load on. They generally come in at a pretty penny but are a great investment piece that will make your clothes last donkey’s years.

written by sophie curtis

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